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Wednesday, July 07 2021
Spirited Living: Check-up on Changes

By: Judy Fitzgibbons, MS, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian, retired

For almost 5 months I've been sending thoughts and information bits related to the Spirited Living themes. Since the season has changed dramatically and COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, this is a good time to step back and review the basics. How are you doing?

Judy's Keys to Spirited Living:

  • Gratitude: be grateful at least (your choice) times a day.
  • Activity: aim for at least 150 minutes of heart-rate-raising activity a week.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables: try for a total of 5 cups daily.
  • Sleep: 7 to 8 hours nightly.
  • Sugars and healthy fats: keep added sugar less than 200 calories daily (50 grams). Include 50 to 100 calories of healthy fat in meals (5 to 10 grams).
  • Whole grains: Eat at least 3 servings whole grains daily.

Think of a goal and an action plan for yourself related to one of the above Keys to Spirited Living. Remember, action plans include:

  • What I will d?o
  • Where I will do it?
  • How long I will do it?
  • Challenges I might face.
  • Ways to cope with challenges.

Judy's Goal: eat a whole grain serving for breakfast, besides oatmeal (I'm really sick of it), at least 2 weekday mornings each of the next 2 weeks. (In the kitchen.)

Challenges: I'll need to find ways to incorporate fiber supplements that usually go into the oatmeal. Keep calories reasonable. I don't know if there is another whole grain I'd enjoy eating.

Ways to cope: check the cupboard to see what I might already have on hand that I hadn't considered “breakfast food”. Visit Hy-Vee Health Market for ideas.

Although I have other Keys to Spirited Living I want to spruce up, this will be a good starting point for me.

May the spirit move you in beneficial

Note: I am sharing Spirited Living ideas 2 to 4 times a month with original group members and anyone else who is interested. If you would like to receive those additional messages by email, send me a note at:

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