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Drawn In Worship Series

June 21- July 19: Drawn In: Living the Creative Life with God
God created the heavens and the earth…and called it all good! During this series, we will connect with our inherent creativity and nurture this foundational aspect of being human, giving us renewed energy for passionate work, delightful play, and creative problem solving to make this world a better place for all.

Invitation to Participate in a Creative Act

This summer, we invite you to be “drawn in” to the practice of exercising your creativity through some art and word play activities. These activities are designed for anyone to do--you don’t have to think of yourself as particularly gifted with words or with art. In fact, instead of thinking of art and writing as something that only a few people can do, we consider them as meditative activities for seeing our world and reflecting on our place in it. And you might even come up with some beautiful works of art!

Week 1
Click links below for "Week 1: Dream" activities.

Week 2
Click links below for "Week 2: Hover" activities.

Week 3
Click links below for "Week 3: Risk" activities.

Week 4
Click links below for "Week 4: Risk" activities.

Week 5
Click links below for "Week 5: Re-Integrate" activities.

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