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Ministry Information at St. Paul's during the Pandemic

Re-entry Policies

Re-entry policies for St. Paul's United Methodist Church, written June 15, 2020

Church and Re-opening

St. Paul’s leadership will continue to discern what seems safe and wise, for our building use this summer and for a time of re-opening. We won’t be alone in this discernment as our conference leadership is providing a framework for local church discernment.

The Iowa Annual Conference Crisis Operations Team is providing this Re-Entry Plan for the Iowa Conference of The United Methodist Church. Here is a summary:

Level 3: Red Light Status: Stop all non-critical gatherings. Essential workers only. This is the "Stay in Love with God" and stay home phase of our ministry. Right now it is best to err on the side of distancing even as we have received new guidelines from the Iowa Governor’s Office.
Level 2: Yellow Light Status: Cautionary Return. We anticipate this will cover a number of months. As the IAUMC, we want to “Do Good” as restrictions are lifted. This means a gradual return to gatherings and doing so in a cautionary manner.
Level 1: Green Light Status: When we finally reach the “Do No Harm” phase—it will be because the virus is contained and our people are safe. Permission will be granted to communities of faith to return to full activity and mass gatherings will be permitted. This will be in place only as church leadership is confident in the care of their community of faith. Green lighting for all activities will likely be guided by testing protocol for asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers, antibody testing, therapeutic drug therapies aggressively caring for those who have contracted COVID-19, and approval and availability of a COVID-19 vaccine.

 The Iowa Conference of The United Methodist Church recognizes returning to full participation will be based on the oversight of the Office of the Bishop, Crisis Response Team, state and national guidelines, as well as the seasonal movement of the virus. It is our expectation pastoral and laity will read through this document together allowing it to guide the response of your local faith community.

The Iowa Conference of The United Methodist Church continues in Level 3: Red Light Status through May 31 at which point that status will be reassessed.

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