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March 16th Update from St. Paul's

Monday, March 16, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and community spread, we will be doing our part and closing our building until further notice. Cedar Rapids Public Schools announced today a 4 week closure. We will follow this guideline with our building as well, perhaps being able to reopen on Easter Sunday. We will wait and see! This closure may need to remain in place for a longer period of time.

The community spread is a serious matter and we have concern for each of you, our families, community, and world. We will do our best in separation, in sanitation, and in prayers. Your staff and perhaps a few volunteers will be working on extra sanitation while the building is closed.

In the meantime, your church staff will continue to work in new ways. We will communicate by a variety of methods, including emails to groups, Facebook LIVE, and other digital means. Worship will happen each Sunday at 9:00 am, live streamed for real time participation. Thanks for worshiping with us yesterday this way! Click here to view March 15th's worship service. Technology is our friend!

We are also preparing a church wide mailing to be sent this week with worship materials and other helpful information.

Your offering is a gift to the ministry of Jesus Christ through St. Paul’s UMC. Please consider downloading the new church app, or go to our website for electronic options. We will also provide envelopes in our mailing to you this week for gifts and pledges.

To download St. Paul's new church app, simply grab your phone and text app4spumc to 77977 to receive a direct link to download the app. Or go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for stpaulsumccr then download to your device.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a pastor or staff person, please call (319-363-2058) or email us and we will respond.

Friends, we love you and we care for you.

Grace & peace,

Your Pastors, Staff, and Church Leaders

Response to COVID-19

Thursday, March 12, 2020

We will NOT have any gathered worship services on March 22 or March 29. Instead, we will ask you to stay home and to worship online with us on these two Sundays, with the hope of being back together on Sunday, April 5th. We’ll be using Facebook LIVE as well as a YouTube channel to share in worship across the miles at 9:00 am. And we’ll have our sermons recorded for viewing through our website or church app for viewing at any later date and time. More details will be shared next week, as we continue our worship series, The Way.

We will also NOT have Sunday morning classes, Compass Class Breakfast, or All-Together Faith Friends meal on these 2 Sundays. Small groups during the week may continue to meet. The church office will remain open as usual.

From Parish Nurse, Mary Horn:
Frequent updates from the media keep the Coronavirus on the top on our minds. Nevertheless, all respiratory viruses such as influenza and rhinoviruses spread across the world exactly the same way. For example we know what influenza viruses to expect and to include in the vaccine each winter by what the Southern hemisphere experiences the season before.

Our immunity system protects us from specific viruses that we have been vaccinated against or been exposed to throughout our lifetime. Coronavirus presents a challenge because it is new. So none of us have specific protection against it. But we are not defenseless. We have amazing bodies that have many immunity mechanisms to go after the new invaders. Practicing basic health habits such as getting 8 hours sleep, eating a plant based diet, exercising especially outside, and washing hands frequently all help our bodies do its job.

From Your Pastors and Church Staff:
We encourage you to greet each other verbally with a smile rather than shaking hands. Our Communion servers already use hand sanitizers and they will begin wearing protective gloves as well. Individual cups are available for those who prefer. Our maintenance staff are also giving extra attention to cleaning frequently touched surfaces.

Staying Home:
Church leadership will continue to stay current in monitoring alerts and information from the Centers for Disease Control and other governmental agencies. Please stay home if you have signs of illness such as fever, runny nose, and frequent cough.

You can stay connected with St. Paul’s through a variety of ways. You may listen to sermons through our website, and through our new church app. You may also give contributions through this new app. Please read paragraph below on how to download the St. Paul's UMC app.

The 9:00 am worship service is also broadcast each week on Thursdays at 10:00 am on ImOn channel 4.

Grace & peace,
Your Pastors and Church Leaders

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