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Share: Storm Damage Recovery

Dear friends in faith,

What a tough week. I’m writing this on August 17, exactly one week after the derecho, an inland hurricane, found Cedar Rapids and many other communities in the Midwest. Farmland and cities felt its forceful wind and rain, coming at us at over 100 mph. Grand old trees fell. Property was damaged or destroyed. Power is yet to be restored to thousands. Our church, like everyone’s home, is being inspected for damage and making plans for needed repairs.

I hope you are finding provisions enough for each day. We are still here and we’ve gotten through the storm. We’re hearing each other’s stories and trying to help where help is needed. Pastors, staff, and members have been asking and learning about needs.

You can view a short devotional message shared this past Sunday morning on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

What’s Happening Now

We began accepting donations over the weekend. Today, our 14th St. parking lot is serving as one of the city’s Resource Distribution Centers. City Staff and volunteers are learning of immediate needs and offering food, diapers, water and paper products. A portable cell tower is here. Crisis counseling is being offered, and tomorrow additional services will arrive. Please come if you are in need or feeling overwhelmed by it all. We are here for each other.

If you’re wanting to help, you can:

  1. Drop off donations of non-perishable food, baby food and care products, paper products, and water. You can drive to the 14th parking lot and unload your items.
  2. Give a Love Gift $$$ to Storm Damage Recovery, a new fund we’ve established for helping hurting families. Give through our Church app, website, by mail, or dropping off your donation at the church office.
  3. Volunteer at the Resource Distribution Center, helping with donations and with families, hearing their stories.
  4. Visit anyone who lives close to you and call or visit those you know from St. Paul’s to see how they are and what they need.
  5. Contact Pastor Jonathan to be added to The Helpers Group. Can you bake cookies, make phone calls or home visits to check on folks, help rake or drag branches? This lets us know who we can call when we hear of needs. Please contact Pastor Jonathan at
  6. Take time for Sabbath as well as Serving, and Sharing. Be well and care for yourself among all that you feel called to do. Connect with God in prayer and listen.
  7. Visit with a pastor anytime. We are here for you and we want to know how we can pray for you.

Thank you for being the church together.

Pastor Sherrie or 319-310-3078

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