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Strategic Planning

Envisioning Our Future

We're committed to energizing our church to be a vital, sustainable community for present and future generations. In support of this commitment, our congregation is engaged in a strategic planning process, open to all members, that began last year with Community Circle Events and continues this year with a two-part Strategic Planning Workshop. The outcome of this process will lead the way for our ministries and the work of our pastors, staff, and members in the next three to five years.

Collaboration as a Congregation

During the strategic planning workshops, members come together to focus on four questions and collaborate on responses that will shape our future direction:

  1. Practical Vision: What do we want to see in place in three to five as a result of our actions?
  2. Current Reality & Blocks: What is blocking us from moving toward our vision?
  3. Strategic Directions: What innovative, substantial actions will deal with the blocks and move us toward our vision?
  4. Focused Implementation: 
  • What will our specific, measurable accomplishments be for the first year?
  • What is our timeline for completion of first-year accomplishments?
  • What are the implementation steps for the first-quarter accomplishments?

See overview of strategic planning process.

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