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Sermon Videos

We hope you enjoy these sermon videos from recent worship services and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.

"Pilgrimage Plans: Gathering Disciples" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg
January 24, 2021

Part One of making creative plans during this liminal season. Based on Psalm 62:5-12 and Mark 1:12-19.

"Dr. MLK Jr. Celebration 2021 | Emceed by Keesha Burke-Henderson
Hosted by: Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg and Rev. Jonathan Heifner | January 18, 2021

We the People: Protest and Peace. Sermon based on Luke 10:25-37 (NKJV).

"Voice: Finding Our Own" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | January 17, 2021

Samuel and Nathaniel have something to say about finding our own God-given voices. Sermon based on I Samuel 3:1-4:1 and John 1:43-51.

"Voice: Baptism of the Lord" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg | January 10, 2021

The Voice of your baptized identity. Sermon based on Genesis 1:1-5 and Mark 1:4-11.

"Voice: Epiphany" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | January 3, 2021

It wasn't a star (alone) that landed the Magi in Bethlehem. Sermon based on Isaiah 60:1-6 and Matthew 2:1-12.

"Believe This: The Time Has Come" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | December 27, 2020

When the time was right, God’s salvation came. Based on Isaiah 61:10-62:3 and Luke 2:22-40.

"We Believe, Even Now" Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg | December 24, 2020

Born to us, even in this rearranged year! Based on Isaiah 52:7-10 and Luke 2:1-20.

"I Believe in the Light: Illuminating Peace" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg
December 20, 2020

Light and Peace, our song forever. Sermon based on Isaiah 9:2-7 and John 1:1-18.

"I Believe in God: Ode to Joy" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | December 13, 2020

Joy is our embodied response to God's good news. Sermon based on Isaiah 57:14-19 and Luke 1: 1-4; 26-56.

"I Believe in Love: Daring Right Relationship" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg
December 13, 2020

Listening to stories, a gift of love. Sermon based on Isaiah 7:1-14 and Matthew 1:1, 16-25.

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