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Sermon Videos

We hope you enjoy these sermon videos from recent worship services and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.

"sabbath ii" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg | August 2, 2020

More than rest, Sabbath's purpose and practice is for all of us. Sermon based on Deuteronomy 5:15 and Matthew 12:10.

"sabbath i" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | July 26, 2020

We do not rest so we can work harder; we rest so we can learn what we were made to be. Sermon based on Genesis 2:1-4a and Mark 2:23-28.

"Drawn In: Re-Intergrate" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg | July 19, 2020

Let God re-integrate your creation into God's dream! Sermon based on Psalm 139.13-18 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-19.

"Song of Earthling’s United" original song by Bruce Nesmith. Video creation by Norm Bennett, including photos from Jim Steggall; Gary Speicher; Dale Moore; Melanie Nollsch; Gary Lindsay; Ed Holstom; Judy Fitzgibbons; Dale Fitzgibbons; Gayle Buroker; Althea Bennett; Norm Bennett. Audio produced by Brook Hoover, who also provided additional guitars. Stock footage provided by Videvo and Pexels.

Members of St. Paul’s UMC Sanctuary Choir sing "Come by Here."

"Drawn In: Listen" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | July 12, 2020

This is a good time for us to stop and listen. Sermon based on Psalm 119:105 (MSG) and Acts 16:6-15

"Drawn In: Risk" | Rev. Jonathan Heifner | July 5, 2020

There is risk in attempting to be drawn in, but the greater risk is found in not doing so. Sermon based on Psalm 119:109-117 and Matthew 25:24-30.

Emmaus Road written and performed by Bruce Nesmith. Artwork and video design by Norm Bennett.

"Drawn In: Hover" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg | June 28, 2020

Find time for God's Spirit hovering over that dream for the healing of the world. Sermon based on Psalm 91:1-4, 14-16 and Luke 4:1-13.

Original song, "Hover" written and sung by Bruce Nesmith. Photography provided by Ed Holstrom, Melanie Nollsch, and Norm Bennett. Video editing by Norm Bennett.

Members of St. Paul’s UMC Sanctuary Choir sing "For the Beauty of the Earth," John Rutter, composer.

"Drawn In: Dream" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg | June 21, 2020

God's dream is where it all began. Sermon based on Psalm 126 and Luke 4:14-21.

"The Beloved Community" Original song written and sung by Bruce Nesmith, photography and video editing by Norm Bennett. A note about the inspiration of this song from Bruce: “The Beloved Community” was written in February 2019, responding to a sermon on the early Christian church. It’s also a tribute to the great dreamer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for whom it was a central part of his thought. Most of the ideas in the song are taken from the King Center website.

"Lay Leaders: Called and Sent" | Co-Lay Leaders: Melanie Nollsch & Ian Montgomery
June 14, 2020

Join Pastor Sherrie, Pastor Jonathan, and St. Paul’s Co-Lay Leaders, Melanie Nollsch and Ian Montgomery, in worship. Sermon based on Matthew 9:35-10:11.

"A Message of Hope" | BIshop Laurie Haller and Iowa Annual Conference Staff | June 7, 2020

This worship service has been planned for your inspiration and encouragement while providing a moment of rest for our local church leaders in this season of COVID-19. Based on John 20:19-22.

"Grateful Life: All-together" | Rev. Dr. Sherrie Ilg, Rev. Jonathan Heifner, &
Rev. Daniel Niyonzima with translation by Fidel Taylor | May 31, 2020

Reflections on Holy Spirit at work. Based on Acts 1:6-14  and John 17:1-11.

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