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We hope you enjoy these sermon videos from recent worship services and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word. Visit our YouTube channel to see additional videos.

Trinitarian: Jesus and the Ascension
Rev. Jonathan Heifner | May 12, 2024

Was Jesus carried up into heaven? Were tongues of fire resting on people’s heads? Tradition holds to the belief that God is one, but also in a relationship with God’s self? Does anyone else’s head hurt? How do we, as a church, embrace the mystery of our Trinitarian God? Throughout the next three. Sermon based on Luke 24:44-53.

Intergenerational: Stories to Build the Bridge"
Rev. Ryan Roth-Klinck | May 5, 2024

As we come to the end of our series on becoming an Intergenerational church, we read a story about the transition of leadership from one generation to the next. Eli helps Samuel interpret God’s calling in his life, and Samuel affirms Eil’s trust by speaking the truth and stepping into leadership as the next priest. We invite you to consider how their relationship and trust with each other model a way forward for our church as we also work to transition leadership to a new generation. Sermon based on 1 Samuel 3:1-18.

"Dreaming of an Intergenerational Future"
Rev. Jonathan Heifner | April 28, 2024

We need to see the value of generations, especially when they interact. To consider a stump seems pretty hopeless, as Isaiah had, but this was the site from which a new shoot came up. And that shoot was the sign of hope and life from what looked like it was beyond life. Sermon based on Isaiah 11:1-9 and Luke 2:41-52.

"Intergenerational: Shifting Perspectives"
Rev. Jonathan Heifner | April 21, 2024

When the disciples sternly push away the children, Jesus quite forcefully calls the children to himself. Not only are children inheritors of God’s kin-dom, but they also have something important to teach the rest of us about receiving the kin-dom. What do we have to learn from the children in our midst? Sermon based on Mark 10:13-16 adapted from The Voice.

"Intergenerational: Nobody Fits the Stereotype" 
Rev. Jonathan Heifner | April 14, 2024

Like Nathanael, who almost missed the opportunity to follow Jesus because he thought Jesus came from the wrong neighborhood, we can miss meaningful relationships with others if we let our biases or stereotypes dictate our perspective. One of the most commonly held biases concerns how we view and treat people from a different generation than our own. But, as Philip told Nathanael to “come and see,” we, too, can look past the stereotypes to see one another. Sermon based on John 1:43-51 The Voice.

"Introduction to Intergenerational" 
Rev. Ryan Roth-Klinck | April 7, 2024

Our scripture passage finds us amid an intergenerational conflict. Jesus and his mother’s words to each other are brief, but we can feel the tension between them oozing out of the page. They are not on the same page. This is a story we know all too well, where different generations are at odds with each other. It also feels like an appropriate place for us to begin our conversations about the relationships or lack of relationships between generations in our lives and our church and what God shows amid our conflict. Sermon based on John 2:1-12 adapted from The Message.

Easter Sunday
Rev. Jonathan Heifner | March 31, 2024

Today’s celebration is a loud crescendo to life. The messenger in the tomb told Mary, Mary, and Salome the good news that still calls to us: Jesus is no longer here in this place of death. Life emerges, and life abounds! Sermon based on Mark 16:1-8 adapted from The Voice.

"Good Friday: 'Requiem' by John Rutter"
Full Musical Performance | March 29, 2024

“Requiem” by John Rutter One of the most beloved contemporary choral works today, Rutter’s “Requiem”, was composed in 1985 as a tribute to his late father using text that his “...father might have enjoyed listening to”. St. Paul’s Sanctuary Choir will join the Chorale for the performance.

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